Born in a lush green village of Punjab and having been brought up on an unadulterated and organic diet; living a healthy life was more of a routine then a dream for Mrs. Renu. Unlike most people she was lucky to have found her passion very early in her life. She knew that she was born to play, stay fit and inspire people around. In her school days she championed athletics and also captained the Basketball team. However, her parents insisted her to quit playing sports and focus on completing her education. She later graduated with MSc in Mathematics and then got married. But, as the saying goes “You can get women out of the kitchen but not the kitchen out of the women”, something similar holds true for Mrs. Renu and her obsession with fitness.

Increased responsibilities after marriage did not deter her from continuing her journey. At a ripe age of 30, she learnt Badminton and Squash. Her elder daughter was introduced to Badminton at a young age and she went on to become a national level player. While her younger daughter represented state teams in Tennis & Swimming and then chose radiology as her profession. Her son too made a mark in the game of Cricket and represented Saurashtra on multiple occasions. Raising three kids, 2 daughters and 1 son, was never an easy task. Managing their different school timings, tuitions, exams, food and sports classes in itself seemed like an intense workout. But even then, Mrs. Renu managed to find pockets of time when she would do her workout religiously. And she proudly says that since last 20 years, she hasn’t missed her workout even for a single day (including Sundays). Surely, some called her crazy but over the period of time she even managed to convert her critics in to crazy maniacs for fitness. Such, is her infectious energy and enthusiasm.

And in February 2014, as her kids neared their completion of education, Mrs. Renu embarked on a new mission and thus was born Samurai Fitness. Her attention to detail and obsession with the idea of fitness and workouts was so much that she never needed any help of an interior designer to create the elegantly designed Samurai Fitness. She did it all by herself. And that allowed her to defy the old logic. One such example is her cabin which is absolutely transparent and only carries glass windows. Ask her about privacy and she replies – “Passion precedes privacy. When I see people working out in front of my eyes, I get a high and that is all that I want.” Even today, at an age of 55, she is seen hitting the gym and learning dance and body-weight exercises. And when she isn’t working out she is seen talking with the members and encouraging them to push their limits. It is difficult to stay in touch with her and then remain unfit.

Ask her about what she thinks of fitness and she prefers to quote her husband (also a fitness freak who hasn’t missed his workout since last 20 years) – “It is a lifelong process. As long as you live, you need to do it. Period.”